it's all about art

"are we still alive, are we still a light"

"we live in a technological world"

We produce computers for every possible application.

‘Wearables’ is the one of the new hyped breakthroughs in the Internet of Things.

But with bigger production comes faster discarding. Due to the background in metal and ceramics craftmanship there is an understanding for the valuable parts of electronics that is ‘waste’ for the common eye. Especially when the computing power is long gone.

Instead of hiding electronic parts under a neat, shiny shell, putting them up front is a goal.

To think about the way those little pieces have to conquer to finally be assembled to the product we buy, makes it obvious to wear them with pride.


"demon is calling me"

"demon e"

"don’t come too close, I will never give away my heart"

"lost in the depths of darker days"

"let the butterflies inside"

"nothing lasts forever"

"don’t tell me how I’m supposed to be"

"essence of polarity"


The starting point of a polarity is attraction and repulsion, which are expressed in the form of flowers. Forms in the state of flowering and withering, about clarity, brightness, in contrast to darkness, vulnerability and intentional wounding by nails as a stylistic device.

Flowers symbolize beauty, but also transience. The life of a flower ranges from awakening to wilting.

The delicacy and beauty of flowers is at the same time a design language for violations.

The metal bloom next to the porcelain blossom seems threatening. This raises the question of the cause of the fall of the porcelain blossoms. Is this due to the metal bloom or is it a natural process.

Nothing exists without the contrast.