caring and mindful production

When it comes to creating, in particular jewelry pieces, it’s assured all is created with a mindful and vegan approach.

This includes:

All tools used for creating are vegan.

Material such as metal and gemstones from traders / resellers are selected by being environment friendly as much as possible.

Metal waste from gold and sterling silver are melted and recycled.

Diamonds are all conflict free.

I only work with non synthetic gemstones.

Choice in gemstones can be limited as I prefer to work with non treated ones.

buying / ordering an art piece

At the moment I don’t accept commission inquires.

custom work

When purchasing a ring you’ll receive an email to enter your preferred ring size, gemstone type and color and the measurement system you’re referring to.

You can also choose between the gemstone type and color when purchasing ear jewelry.

If you do want to include other gemstones in pieces, you might use the contact form.

unique artist pieces

Necklaces and other type of jewelry can only be bought as is. They follow a specific concept and aesthetic approach.

Jewelry pieces are labelled accordingly for easier identification.

creating process

When purchasing please notice that it will take up to a month depending on the type of jewelry.

Lead time depends on availability of material and complexity of the ordered piece.

shipping information

When completing an order you’ll receive a confirmation email.

You’ll also receive another email when the piece is finished and dispatched, including the tracking ID.

All artworks are insured in the shipping process.

All prices listed on the website include shipping fees, but don’t include customs or fees. Depending on where you order from you may have to pay them separately.

For packaging I use recycled and certified compostable materials.